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Give for Good Status Page

Please bookmark this page to check during Give for Good for site status updates on May 2, 2017. As issues arise of which you may need to be aware, we will update the site status table with green, yellow, and red indicators. We will also update the status log at the bottom of the page so that you may see the time we became aware of the issue and the time it was resolved.

Please check this site before communicating with any donors about the site status of Give for Good, as it may provide more information as to the issue you notice or a potential resolution.

GREEN = Fully functional

YELLOW = Known issue, resolution in progress.

RED = Function is down or disabled.

 Last updated: 10 a.m. September 1, 2016

Status Functionality Notes
  Donation Processing All donation forms and donation processing is working as expected.
  Search Give for Good search functionality is working as expected.
  Leaderboards Leaderboards are up-to-date and reporting correct information. Final totals will be certified after the conclusion of Give for Good.
  Prizes Golden tickets and prizes are being drawn, awarded and displayed at regular intervals. 
  Donor Email Receipts Donors are receiving accurate and timely email receipts for their donations.
  Page Editing Administrators are able to log in and make page content edits. 
  Donation Reporting Donation reports in the Administrative Area are updating accurately and timely.
  Donor Accounts Donor account areas are updating accurately and timely.
  Site Security and Privacy There are no known malicious threats or attacks on 
  Help Team The Give for Good team in the office and answering questions sent to or phoned in to 318.221.0582.


No issues at this time.