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Jerry and Frank Moore – Family Giving

When Jerry and Frank Moore established a family foundation in 1985, they had a dual purpose in mind. We wanted to teach philanthropy to our children while doing good in the community at the same time,” said Frank Moore. “For us, a family foundation structure fit well at the time.” 

For 26 years, the Jerry and Frank Moore Foundation accomplished both of those goals. Through regular family meeting to discuss grant requests, each of Frank and Jerry’s five adult children have had the opportunity to learn the joys (and challenges) of philanthropic efforts. “Each child has participated actively, often researching the grant need personally.  Some amazingly well-thought out decisions have been made over the years.” Early on, one of the Moore children suggested they focus their efforts on local grants, “where we can get to know the need and do first hand research.” 

When the challenge of administration of the legal, accounting and financial aspects of the foundation became more than any one family member wanted to continue overseeing, transition to a donor advised fund through The Community Foundation emerged as an attractive next step.

"The Community Foundation has been incredibly helpful in assisting our family foundation make this transition," Moore said.  "Since we have transitioned to a donor advised fund, the Community Foundation has been very easy to work with.  Our family is grateful for their partnership and for the Community Foundation's leadership in fostering a broad range of philanthropic efforts in our community."

The Community Foundation is honored to partner with families like the Moores to create a donor-advised fund that will provide growth for their current giving and, most importantly, continue the tradition of giving for generations to come.