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Sayres Family Fund

Sayres Family

Gerald and Debbie Sayres had one simple reason to start a donor advised fund at The Community Foundation, “We want the community to be the best that it possibly can be.” With that notion in mind, they contacted The Foundation and began a donor advised fund, which would allow their family to leave a positive impact on our community for generations to come. 

Owning a local business in Shreveport, the Sayres know how important a strong and vibrant community is. Having a fund at The Community Foundation is the family’s way to give back to the Shreveport-Bossier community that they call home. The Sayres Family believes they have an obligation to support the community it whatever way they can. “It takes all of us working together to make our community a place that is healthy and prosperous,” Gerald said. 

His family and children have been volunteering in the community for years through church projects and school organizations. Gerald said, “We each have an obligation to support our community in whatever way we can.  We each have something to give – be it time, talents or financial.” 

The Sayres family took notice of The Foundation’s persistence to make the community better for all.  Gerald said, “The Community Foundation has an incredible track record of being fiscally prudent and a successful return on investment.  Through their diligent work, The Foundation is making a very noticeable impact on community.  This fits with our ideals completely.”

The Community Foundation is honored to partner with the Sayres and many other families to create family funds that will support our community for generations to come.