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Maggie Lee For Good Fund

Maggie Lee For Good Fund

A little girl with a giant heart

The story of Maggie Lee Henson is one of unfathomable tragedy and unimaginable triumph.  While on the way to summer camp in July 2009, the 12-year-old was involved in a serious accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury.  After bravely fighting for three weeks, Maggie Lee passed away on August 2, 2009.  

Despite this tremendous loss, Maggie Lee’s kind and generous spirit emerged as a beacon during a time of despair.  Her giving nature in life inspired her parents, family, friends and even strangers to perform one act of kindness on October 29, 2009 – what would have been her 13th birthday.  In 2010, people from around the world again performed their one good deed on what had become Maggie Lee for Good Day. 

One of those deeds in 2010 was the establishment of a donor advised fund at The Community Foundation in honor of Maggie Lee and her giant heart.  The Maggie Lee For Good Fund also provides a way for her generous spirit to live on, touching lives locally and around the world.  In 2010, a grant from the Fund provided support for the Volunteers of America’s Lighthouse program in Shreveport.  The same year, proceeds from the Fund helped another group build a house in earthquake-shattered Haiti.  Another gift from the Fund went to digging a vital water well in Malawi.  

The inspiring kindness she showed in her life ensured that even in death, Maggie Lee would make the world a better place.