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Promising Practices Network on Children, Families and Communities 
Anyone who has had a health problem and searched online for information has had the same experience: There is a wealth of information in a variety of formats from a multitude of sources, making it very tough to figure out what actually works and what doesn't. The experience is no less daunting if you are a practitioner or program funder in child and family services. Depending on the outcome you want to achieve, you will find myriad approaches claiming to be effective—but where is the evidence? 

For those who seek to improve child and family outcomes, the experience is less daunting, thanks to the Promising Practices Network (PPN) on Children, Families and Communities, a unique partnership that is dedicated to providing objective, high-quality, evidence-based information about what works to improve the lives of children, families, and communities. The RAND Corporation operates the PPN website and monthly email newsletter on behalf of a network of organizations that pool resources to ensure that their constituents have access to information that is up-to-date, concise and easy to understand.

Promising Practices for Preventing Low Birth Weight  

Promising Practices for Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect  

Shreveport- Bossier Master Plan 
The master plan is a roadmap for a new era of opportunity and leadership—this is the 21st-century moment for bold initiatives in Shreveport.

Volunteer Louisiana 
Find organizations in Louisiana that need you as a volunteer! 

A one-stop shop for financial information you need to know on nonprofit organizations. Guidestar is a database of nonprofit organizations that encourages organizations to share information openly and completely. 

Shreveport-Bossier Fun Guide 
Discover Shreveport and Bossier’s festivals, artists, theatre, film, music and dance. Explore our museums, historical attractions, public art, sports and recreation on the Red River and throughout Northwest Louisiana.