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The Eugene C. and Gertrude S. Ozag Scholarship

The Eugene C. and Gertrude S. Ozag Scholarship was established February 2003 by John Mudd to help defray the educational costs for students majoring in human resources or a related field of study. The fund benefits the Northern Illinois Society of Human Resource Management (NISHRM). The NISHRM selects one student each year to receive the award. The successful applicant must be enrolled in college-level classes and maintain at least 15 credit hours, must have completed at least two courses related to the field of human resources, must have completed a minimum of 24 hours of college credits, must have earned the equivalent of a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Additionally, he or she must be pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, must demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities and/or commitment to community service, and must demonstrate an active involvement in extracurricular activities and programs within the school or through outside organizations. Student membership in the Society of Human Resource Management may weigh in an applicant’s favor. To apply: Visit

2018-19 Recipient  2014-15 Recipient
  • Abbigail Roemer
  • Kathleen Bartke