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LINCC is Vital to Our Community

Authored by Susan Campbell, Ph.D. 

One year ago our region experienced a flood of Biblical proportions. Fields were inundated. Homes were destroyed. The lives of people and animals were at risk. In the end, over 8,000 of our friends and neighbors experienced some type of loss.  

Food for Thought

No sane parent would ever deprive their precious babies of the food they need to grow.  In fact, what babies and toddlers will and will not eat is more often the source of parental conversations and anxiety than any other topic.  Yet, what many don’t realize is that from birth to age four, babies’ developing brains need a steady diet of words.  Lots of them.  

One More Gift Under the Tree

Santa left one last present for our community under the tree.  And it is a doozy.  In the first quarter of this new year the BHP Billiton YMCA Red River Fitness & Natural Sciences Campus will open its first phase, a 58,000-plus square foot fitness and aquatic center, to great fanfare.  

Our gifts for Christmas can help quality childhood care

“Christmas Gift!”  This old Southern saying was used to not only send a greeting on Christmas day, but also was a game.  The first person to shout out these words on Christmas morning was entitled to receive a present from the person(s) to whom those words were spoken.

Now I’m not looking for more presents this Christmas Day, but I do want to share an opportunity for giving that will help all of us right here in north Louisiana both now and in the future.  

Childhood Obesity is a Major Problem in Shreveport

Do you remember the house on your street that gave out fruit at Halloween?  I do.  It was the yellow house with the white trim.  They gave out apples. Apples at Halloween?  After two disappointing years trick-or-treating there, we skipped that house.  Imagine my surprise when three decades later, I became “those people.”   

For all the Saints

Halloween has never been a favorite holiday for me.  Perhaps it is because its garish orange and black decorations seem to appear earlier and earlier each year.  Perhaps it is because I still have nightmares about trying, but failing, to whip up creative costumes for my children when they were younger.  Or perhaps it is because I don’t have the willpower to resist even one fun-sized Snickers.  Whatever the reason, Halloween has always seemed like a drag.

Until this year.  

Eyes Wide Open

I don’t know why it is true of human nature, but we often fail to see the many good things that are right before our eyes.  Perhaps it is because we tend to take the positive for granted. Or perhaps it is because we are so busy finding fault that we miss the grace that surrounds us.

Whatever the reason, this very human attribute withers the spirit.  So it is indeed a blessing when someone from the outside can see us afresh with a new set of eyes to remind us again of the wonderful people in our community and the work they do that makes this region so special.  

La. flood victims need the right kind of help

Sometimes it seems Louisiana cannot get a break.

Just last March, north Louisiana was ravaged by floods some say happen only once every 1,000 years. More than 8,000 individuals who have filed claims with FEMA are currently going through case management to determine whether there may be help from their community to meet needs after governmental and personal resources have been spent. Several thousands more have begun the long and arduous process of rebuilding alone.

South Louisiana Floods

We are again devastated by the flooding disasters in our state. The Foundation's Disaster Relief Fund will support recovery efforts both locally and throughout our state. As our community continues to recover from flooding in March, our hearts go out to those in South Louisiana who are impacted by the flooding. Donations to the Foundation's Disaster Relief Fund will help continue rebuilding efforts locally and throughout our state. 



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