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Return on Investment

To encourage local nonprofits to undertake self-measurement and to reward those who already excel in this area, The Community Foundation presents an annual award to a local nonprofit that has demonstrated an outstanding return on investment. The winner will be recognized at The Foundation’s annual meeting and will also receive a $5,000 grant award to start or add to an existing agency endowment fund housed at The Community Foundation. 

Below are past winners of the ROI Award. 

Award Year Organization Organizational or Program Specific Return on Investment
2013 Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Organizational $6:$1
2012 Martin Luther King Health Center Organizational $23:$1
2011 Volunteers of America of North Louisiana The LightHouse Program $10:$1
2010 Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana Job Placement Programs for Disabled and Disadvantaged Adults $2.44:$1
2009 Fuller Center for Housing Organizational $4:$1
2008 Providence House Organizational $10:$1

*The data to calculate these ratios was provided for one fiscal year by each organization. 

About Return on Investment
Return on investment (ROI) is a ratio derived by dividing return by investment, traditionally used by the business industry. Increasingly, however, this concept is becoming relevant to the nonprofit sector. With private donations to charities shrinking and requests for help growing, leverage, impact and ROI are more important than ever. Measuring ROI helps nonprofits assess their effectiveness and efficiency and demonstrate that they are returning value to the community. In a competitive economy, a strong ROI can help nonprofits communicate their worth and attract additional capital.


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