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Community Foundation puts research on display

Posted on: Thursday , September 1 , 2011
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Margo Shideler

Originally published in the Bossier Press-Tribune on September 1, 2011

Community Foundation puts research on display

Written by: Press-Tribune Staff

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The Community Foundation is giving local residents access to cutting edge research in a hands-on, educational Science of Generosity exhibit.

The Foundation, Notre Dame, and Sci-Port: Louisiana's Science Center joined forces to create the permanent exhibit, made possible through a $43,884 grant from The Foundation.

"Over the last 50 years The Community Foundation has been a vital resource for improving the quality of life in Bossier Parish,” said Board Member and former Bossier City Mayor Don Jones. "The Science of Generosity research shows exactly how philanthropy benefits both givers and receivers. Furthermore, this exhibit is an original, and thanks to The Foundation, Sci-Port and Notre Dame, our citizens in North Louisiana are the first anywhere to have access to it.”

The Science of Generosity initiative was created at Notre Dame in 2009 by virtue of a $5 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation. The initiative seeks to unify research efforts carried out throughout the world in a field of study for generosity in all its forms. It also endeavors to make this information available to the individuals, nonprofit organizations, civic groups and businesses that facilitate and benefit from acts of generosity.

"For the first time ever, scientific research that quantifies the impact of philanthropy on the individual and society is accessible in an interactive exhibit," said Paula Hickman, executive director of The Community Foundation of North Louisiana. "We are pleased to share with the public what we have known all along: generosity positively transforms the donor as well as the recipient."

"We're excited to house such a one-of-a-kind exhibit in our Center. Thanks to The Community Foundation and the University of Notre Dame, this exhibit will engage our visitors with not only current, relevant science, but with research unlike anything administered before,” said Ann Fumarolo, president and CEO of Sci-Port.

The exhibit will feature the latest scientific findings being issued by the Science of Generosity initiative. In addition, visitors will learn more about the elements of generosity, such as philanthropy, volunteerism and altruism, through a series of interactive panels. One panel also explores the physiological effects of acting charitably on an individual through a series of brain scans provided by the prestigious Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center based in Shreveport.

The Community Foundation has awarded more than $1 million in grants and scholarships in Bossier Parish. Recipients of these awards include Bossier Parish Community College, the Bossier Parish School Board, the Bossier Arts Council, Bossier KIDS, Inc., the Cyber Innovation Center, the NZBC Urban Corporation, and the Northwest Louisiana War Veterans Home.

Several funds have been established at The Foundation to benefit the citizens of Bossier Parish, including the Mayor George Dement Endowed Fund for Bossier and the Northwest Louisiana Veterans' Home Fund.

The Science of Generosity exhibit will be available to the public at Sci-Port beginning this Saturday.



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