Transforming community through philanthropy.


What is the Community Foundation?

The Community Foundation, founded in 1961, is a public charity that enhances the quality of life of this place we call home. Through the funds entrusted to our stewardship by generous donors, we make grants to nonprofit organizations and agencies to create opportunity wherever the need is greatest. These grants impact social, educational, environmental, cultural, health and human services.

Who does the Community Foundation serve?

The Community Foundation serves the residents of North Louisiana. It is the only community foundation north of Alexandria, Louisiana. Donors may designate a geographical area of interest, a specific nonprofit or field of interest to be served when creating a fund.

Who governs the Community Foundation?

Our board of directors, which is made up of business and community leaders, oversees the funds, management and policies of The Community Foundation.

What organizations are supported by the Community Foundation?

The Community Foundation has granted over $45,800,000 to support charitable causes that strengthen our region. Grants are made to a variety of organizations in areas such as education, youth, environment, health and social services. The Biomedical Research Foundation, Sci-Port, The Fuller Center for Housing of North Louisiana and The Shreveport Symphony are but a few of the organizations which have benefited from Foundation funds. For a full listing of last year’s grant recipients, please see our annual report.

How is the Community Foundation different from other nonprofits?

Generally, nonprofit organizations raise and spend money for themselves. Our Foundation differs in that we operate more as a type of savings account for the entire community’s benefit. In addition, unlike most funds at other nonprofits, our funds are growing in an endowment account which earns interest. Distributions from the Fund support worthwhile charitable community causes, but the principal of the Endowed Fund remains intact to grow for future generations.

Who are the Community Foundation's donors?

Our donors are individuals, families, corporations, private foundations, and charitable organizations who wish to make a difference in the lives of others and to make the region a better place. Donors range from people of modest means to those with substantial financial resources.