Transforming community through philanthropy.

The Women's Philanthropy Network

Founded in 2005, The Women's Philanthropy Network is an organization of women aged 16 and older who pool their annual dues to make high-impact gifts in the community. 

What distinguishes our organization is that the members vote on the project they want to support.   

The WPN is a fund of The Community Foundation of North Louisiana.  We use 80% of our funds as "now" money and invest 20% in our endowment at the Foundation. 

Women have always recognized the value of relationships — in the home, in the workplace, and in the community. Now they can use these relationships to shape their philanthropy.

Through the WPN, women can:

  • Create new solutions to old problems. 
  • Serve as a catalyst for positive community change. 
  • Connect with the projects they fund. 
  • Collaborate with others to avoid duplication, competition and waste. 
  • Celebrate their accomplishments and have fun with philanthropy.


  • Improved student and faculty attendance 
  • Decrease in suspensions 
  • Enhanced student focus on reading and academics with increases in reading and math scores 
  • Enhanced student focus on social skills, teamwork, and reading for pleasure 
  • Increased parental involvement
  • Increased community involvement



WPN Program Budget Form