Our Initiatives

Community Counts

To help drive change in our area, Community Foundation has been tracking data and publishing Community Counts since 2008. Data for the Shreveport-Bossier Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is collected in six categories – Population, Economics, Human Capital, Health, Social Environment, and Physical Environment – and measured alongside ten comparative communities. For the Community Foundation, this data guides all that we do.

Step Forward

Step Forward convenes community leaders and uses data to illuminate obstacles faced by children of color and those living in poverty.  Through a shared community vision, Step Forward and its partners use evidence-based decision making and collaborative action to make positive changes for North Louisiana children.  This type of change can only be achieved through a partnership with the entire community!  CFNLA seeks success for every child in North Louisiana with the ultimate goal of all children obtaining a sustainable, living-wage job by age 25.

Women’s Philanthropy Network

Founded in 2005, the Women’s Philanthropy Network is a group of women who are dedicated to making an impact in the Shreveport-Bossier Community. Members pool their annual dues in order to make a high-impact gift to local organizations with a focus on education. Each year, members vote on which organization will receive the funding. The group also hosts educational programming which aims to keep members informed on community programs and needs.

Early Childhood Education Fund

In 2021, CFNLA established the Early Childhood Education Fund to expand access and enrollment in quality early childhood education for Caddo and Bossier parish children, ages 0-3.

Give For Good

Give For Good is North Louisiana’s largest day of giving. The event was established in 2014 by the Community Foundation of North Louisiana, and since then has raised over $22 million for our community! Give For Good allows community members to discover and engage with nonprofit organizations and make a contribution to causes they feel strongly about. Whether you give $10 or $10,000, you have a hand in transforming your community.

Spark Education Fund

In 2018, CFNLA set a goal to change the course or interrupt the cycle of poverty for children through education so they may grow up and attain a living wage job by the age 25. The Spark Education Fund is one of many CFNLA’s initiatives to help achieve this goal.


Each year, the Community Foundation hosts a number of events aimed at educating our donors, partners, and members of the community about critical issues in our community and across the nation. We host local, regional, and national professionals that discuss not only problems, but also potential solutions and success stories to make our area a brighter place to live. Foundation events are typically open to the public with seats available on a first come, first served basis.

To reserve Community Central, please contact CFNLA staff at [email protected].