For Fundholders

Information for Fundholders

The Community Foundation offers a variety of philanthropic services. We are here to help you maximize and simplify your giving every step of the way.

Click here to log in to the donor portal.

  • If you are having trouble accessing the Donor Portal, contact Ashley Taylor at [email protected] or call 318-221-0582.
  • To contribute to a fund with a credit card, log in to the donor portal to access your fund or click here to view a list of funds available for public donations. Contact the Community Foundation staff at 318-221-0582 for guidance or questions.
  • To donate cash, securities, property or other assets, contact Paige Carlisle at [email protected] or 318-221-0582.
  • To make a grant recommendation from your Donor Advised Fund, log in to the donor portal or contact Garrett Johnson at [email protected] or call 318-221-0582.
  • To make a grant recommendation, log in to the donor portal or click here to fill out a grant suggestion form.
  • To find your fund balance or spending availability, log in to the donor portal or contact Frannie Powers at [email protected] or call 318-221-0582.
  • To start a new fund, contact Kristi Gustavson at [email protected] or call 318-221-0582.