Donors Make the Work of Community Foundation Possible

by | Jul 28, 2022 | News

Community Foundation of North Louisiana brings people and resources together to solve problems and enhance our community. Established in 1961, the Foundation oversees more than $180 million in assets for the benefit of North Louisiana. The funds managed by the Foundation are invested for the community’s benefit and then returned to the community in the form of grants to a wide variety of charitable endeavors. Since inception, Community Foundation has granted over $100 million in grants to nonprofit organizations.

None of these grants would be possible without CFNLA’s generous donors! By making unrestricted gifts to the Foundation, many donors have entrusted CFNLA with selecting grant recipients each year based on the needs of the community. Thus, our role as stewards of the generous donations we receive is one we take very seriously. To utilize donations in the most efficient and effective way for our community, the Foundation accepts applications for funding from eligible charitable organizations once annually.  In April of 2022, CFNLA announced awards over $3 million to 55 nonprofits in Caddo and Bossier parishes.    

We are deeply humbled when a donor entrusts us with their philanthropic legacy. Honoring all our past and present donors is therefore a high priority. Following the annual announcement of CFNLA competitive grants, CFNLA staff members Kristi Gustavson, Liz Laborde and Garrett Johnson personally present grant awards to each nonprofit and its boards of directors. There is one common thread in each of these presentations.  In each presentation we acknowledge the donor or donors that made the grant possible by telling the story of their life and how they came to be a donor at the Foundation. Keeping the legacy of a donor alive is truly an honor and a privilege.

The 2023 Competitive Grant Cycle opens Monday, August 1. Log on to your organization’s grant portal to apply.