Getting to Know Step Forward

by | Oct 30, 2020 | News, Step Forward News

Carla Burgos, Director of Special Initiatives

Many of us never realize the rewards of living a purpose-driven life. I am encouraged about my work at Step Forward because the mission and vision align with my “ikigai.” Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means a reason for being. In principle, it is the convergence of one’s personal passions, beliefs, values, and vocation. Those who follow the concept of ikigai undertake the activities of their life with willingness and a satisfying sense of meaning.

My heart to serve others has not only given me purpose but has opened many doors of opportunity for me to excel in life. Through the years, I have learned that opportunities often come disguised as challenges and barriers. No journey in life is ever easy; however, the good news is that my work at Step Forward will allow me to continue with my personal goal of living a purpose-driven life and my professional goal of maintaining a high level of competency.

Step Forward convenes community leaders and uses data to illuminate obstacles faced by children of color and those living in poverty. Through a shared community vision, Step Forward and its partners use evidence-based decision making and collaborative action to make positive changes for North Louisiana children.

Step Forward envisions a community in North Louisiana where all children and families thrive. We are achieving our mission through the collective impact of the Building Foundations, Building Futures, and Building Resilience Community Networks.

For many years, my mantra has been “send me; I will go.”  I will admit this time I do not want to go alone!  I want and need others like you to go with me. Together we can face the difficulties and challenges of tearing down barriers to create lasting change in the North Louisiana Community.  I have discovered that, given the right circumstances with the right people in developed situations, change is possible. Join the Step Forward journey.

Email Carla Burgos at [email protected] to join a Step Forward Network today.

Carla Burgos is the Director of Special Initiatives at CFNLA and leads the Step Forward initiative.