Shreveport Ideas Festival

by | Sep 6, 2023 | News

This Fall, CFNLA will host a series of events aimed at educating our donors, partners, and members of the community about critical issues in our region and across the nation. Featuring local, regional, and national experts, each event will take a deep dive into the pressing issues and offer effective solutions to drive change. This year’s series will focus on teen suicide prevention, the effects of trauma on early brain development, and improving maternal health outcomes.  

October 17–  My Ascension

At 16 years old, varsity cheerleader Emma Benoit attempted to end her life. MY ASCENSION is the story of the day that changed Emma’s life, and everything that’s happened since. For years, Emma quietly struggled with anxiety and depression, too ashamed to share her pain with family or friends. Through navigating the challenges of recovery, she discovers purpose and passion in helping other struggling teens. MY ASCENSION is an inspiring look at Emma’s story and includes firsthand experiences of families, friends, school officials, and suicide prevention experts. The film does not shy away from the difficult realities of the ongoing youth suicide crisis but shares valuable resources to help keep teens safe.

The event will be held at Robinson Film Center in the Willis-Knighton Theatre starting at 5:30 PM. Please register here.

November 7Telling What Cannot Be Told: Treatment of a Severely Traumatized Toddler 

Dr. Charles Zeanah will present his case study of a toddler who witnessed the violent death of her mother at age 1, and how that traumatic experience halted her later development. Dr. Zeanah is the Vice Chair of Tulane School of Medicine’s Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Executive Director of The Institute of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health. He conducts research on the effects of abuse, neglect, serious deprivation, and exposure to violence on young children and on interventions designed to help them recover.

The event will be held at Robinson Film Center in the Willis-Knighton Theatre starting at 5:30 PM. Please register here.

Date TBD- Addressing Northwest Louisiana’s Maternal and Infant Mortality Crisis 

CFNLA will convene a panel of experts working to reduce the alarmingly high rates of maternal mortality and low birth weight babies in our community and state-wide.  Review the regional and state data; hear from medical experts, maternal health professionals, and individuals with lived experience; and explore how we, as a community, can help solve this growing crisis.

Date and location will be announced soon.