Step Forward’s Mission Continues

by | Jul 30, 2020 | News, Step Forward News

Community Foundation of North Louisiana is excited to announce that after over a year of planning Step Forward will once again become a part of CFNLA!  Beginning September 1st, CFNLA will continue the legacy of Step Forward’s mission to foster regional collaboration to improve educational outcomes for all children.  While Step Forward originally began as an initiative of CFNLA, it later become a separate nonprofit.  After working closely over the last several years, CFNLA and Step Forward are thrilled to come back together to effect better outcomes for our children in the most efficient manner possible.

Step Forward convenes community leaders and uses data to illuminate obstacles faced by children of color and those living in poverty.  Through a shared community vision, Step Forward and its partners use evidence-based decision making and collaborative action to make positive changes for North Louisiana children.  This type of change can only be achieved through a partnership with the entire community!  CFNLA seeks success for every child in North Louisiana with the ultimate goal of all children obtaining a sustainable, living-wage job by age 25.

To help continue Step Forward’s legacy of success, CFNLA is seeking a Director of Special Initiatives.  For more information and to apply visit