What groups are getting part of the $3 million from the Community Foundation of North Louisiana?

by | Apr 27, 2022 | News, Press Release

Kristi Gustavson, CEO

On Tuesday the Community Foundation of North Louisiana announced over $3 million was awarded in 2022 competitive grants.

Kristina Gustavson, CEO of CFNLA said, “CFNLA is thrilled to announce it is awarding a total of $3,004,428 in this year’s Competitive Grants.”

The CFNLA manages funds that are invested for the community’s benefit. These funds are then returned to the community in the form of grants to a wide variety of charitable endeavors.

This year the CFNLA awarded 55 organizations with a total of $3,004,428 grants.

The CNFLA’s mission is to promote philanthropy and improve the quality of life in North Louisiana by serving as a permanent and growing resource.

Established in 1961, the Foundation oversees more than $180 million in assets for the benefit of North Louisiana. Since its inception, CFNLA has granted over $100 million to nonprofit organizations.

How do these nonprofits receive these grants?

CNFLA accepts applications for competitive grant funding from eligible charitable organizations once annually.

Through a two-stage application process, CFNLA selects grantees based on the identified community need, the capacity of the organization to meet that need, the past and present outcomes of the program, and the overall financial health of the applicant.

The subgroups awarded money include

  • Human Services- $849,896.00
  • Health and Science- $391,350.00
  • Education- $792,448.00
  • Economic Development- $179,500.00
  • Environment- $46,508.00
  • Arts and Culture- $313,726.00
  • Small Organizations- $56,000.00
  • Special Initiative- $375,000.0

Visit cfnla.org/grants for a complete list of grant recipients.

This article was written by CFNLA CEO Kristi Gustavson and originally published in the Shreveport Times on April 26, 2022.